An ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company

1.A Recognized Brand And Relevant Trademarks – If you open “THE TYRE STORE” franchise then you will be doing so under a recognized brand name, thus establishing brand awareness right from the start. This will undoubtedly tempt people through the door because name recognition will attract new customers, which will in turn create a revenue stream for you. You will not have to establish the brand name yourself because that hard work is already done.

2. An Established Market Presence – An established market presence is crucial if you want a chance to make a profit from year one. If you open “THE TYRE STORE” franchise that is a market leader in its own right, then this will automatically benefit you because the business will be synonymous with a certain service and stay in customers' minds.

3. A History In The Field – If you own a franchise with “THE TYRE STORE” , then you will also get the benefits of established processes and systems that have evolved over time. As such, you will get the full benefit of the experience of others and refined and efficient systems with few issues to iron out.

4. Comprehensive Training – “THE TYRE STORE” offers comprehensive training encompassing everything you need to know that will enable you to avoid those mistakes and learn from those made by others instead.

5. Pre-Established Supply Lines And Major Purchasing Power – As a part of a larger company, you will have access to suppliers that are reliable and trustworthy when you open a franchise. You will also have the purchasing power that comes with the brand name and company presence in the market.

6. Easier To Start Up –it is easier to start up “THE TYRE STORE” as our experienced team will be there to help you out and you only have to become the member of our”THE TYRE STORE “family.

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